Peoria County Bright Futures

'Preschool For All'

Mission Statement:

Peoria County BRIGHT FUTURES is an Illinois State Board of Education funded, award-winning, Preschool for All and Prevention Initiative program aimed at preparing young children for future school success while providing a community-centered support system for families to thrive in.  We celebrate and value the uniqueness of each child and their family by working together to build a happy and healthy foundation for a positive school experience. Bright Futures partners with our families, schools and communities to reflect diversity and promote continuous learning for all.

Mission Statement was created as a family, staff and community partnership

Peoria County Bright Futures is a community-based program that acknowledges, appreciates, and embraces all educators, families, caregivers, and children regardless of their race, socioeconomic status, sexuality, religion, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, language, age, or ability. As a program we are committed to the intentional continued growth of our communities. Our goal is to implement impactful change focused on Anti-Bias education.

This is a Snap Shot of the quality Peoria County Bright Futures Classroom, reflecting 'Best Practices' in early childhood.

The Bright Futures classroom...

  • is made up of qualifying 3 and 4-year-olds, based on screening results

  • has a maximum of 20 children per classroom

  • offers blended classrooms, with 15 students (5 early childhood special education/10 Bright Futures qualified), in Farmington, Elmwood, Dunlap, Illini Bluffs, Oak Grove, Peoria Heights, Pleasant Hill and Princeville. 

  • offers a child-centered atmosphere and environment

  • is a rich learning environment with a wide range of materials for all learners

  • A research-based curriculum, Creative Curriculum, approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

  • has a 4 year degreed, certified teacher and qualified assistant, approved by ISBE.

  • the schedule is a minimum of 2 1/2 hours class time, five days a week

  • offers morning and afternoon sessions

  • offers transportation in various school districts

  • offers daily snacks

  • implements ongoing student assessment 

  • schedules annual fall and winter parent conferences

  • encourages parent volunteers/involvement to support the classroom

  • takes field trips as part of the PNC Grow Up Great Program

  • plan family 'special events'

  • encourages families to share their culture and family strengths

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