Advisor: Lindsay Cocquit

What’s Quidditch you ask? Quidditch is a fantasy sport in the Harry Potter book series where witches and wizards fly around on broomsticks in teams of seven and attempt to score goals by throwing balls through hoops or by catching a small ball called a snitch. Since unfortunately, we can’t fly into the air on brooms we’ve developed our own version of Quidditch. Human (or Muggle) Quidditch is a combination of dodgeball, basketball and flag football. I encourage you to come to a practice or two, even if you’re not familiar with the game or the Harry Potter books; it is a genuine sport and even has a World Cup where teams from all over the world compete against one another. Many colleges have teams that play seriously as well. We are a pretty relaxed team and accept any skill level and knowledge. Quidditch is a fun and surprisingly strategic game and I hope you can give it a chance!

If you are interested in joining, please see Mrs. Cocquit or attend one of our meetings.